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Welcare Scheme - Nursing and Residential Care Homes

(Residential Homes, Retirement Homes, Care Homes, Rest Homes and Nursing Homes)

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Welcare Insurance Scheme

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About Welcare Scheme

An insurance scheme designed for residential homes, retirement homes, care homes, rest homes and nursing homes for the elderly.

Camberford Law PLC has been established for over 50 years and during this time have developed a thorough and specialised knowledge of insurances relating to residential, rest and nursing homes.

We fully understand the needs of welcare institutions such as care homes and nursing homes and have developed a comprehensive and unique insurance package to meet your special requirements. Each policy is designed for your individual needs.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to provide an excellent service to all our policyholders. A dedicated section has been set up to deal with the insurance for this scheme.

Buildings & Contents
Extending to cover loss or damage to Directors, Partners, Visitors, Employees and proprietors' personal effects. Fire, Full Perils including accidental loss or damage. Excess of £250 increasing to £1000 in respects of subsidence, landslip or heave.

Loss of Gross Revenue/Gross and Increased Cost of Working
Extends to include loss due to or caused by vermin, contagious and/or infectious illness, food or drink poisoning, pollution, failure of public supplies and denial of access.

Employers and Public Liability
Extends to include treatment risk only in respects of malpractice.

Legal Expenses
Costs, expenses reasonably incurred for which you may be made liable by order of a court.

Personal Accident

Book Debts
Covers your inability to collect outstanding accounts following damage to your business records.

Theft by Employee
Cover is provided in respect of any loss of money or goods caused by any act of Theft.

Money including Personal Accident Assault Benefits

Covers your goods whilst being transported in any vehicle in connection with the business for all risks.

Deterioration of Stock
Provides replacement of stock lost as a result of breakdown of or damage to freezers, refrigeration and cold rooms.

Loss of Registration
Covers compensation for the depreciation in the value of the premises or reduction in turnover, following forfeiture of your Registration Certificate as a result of circumstances beyond your control.

Statutory and other inspections on selected items of plant and machinery.

Sudden and unforeseen damage (which includes breakdown and explosion) to all electrical and mechanical plant and machinery.