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Professional Indemnity Insurance

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About Professional Indemnity Insurance

We have teamed up with W.R.Berkley Insurance (Europe) Ltd to provide Professional Indemnity insurance for a select range of professions.

  • Miscellaneous Trades
  • Design & Construct (relating to the building industry)
  • Insurance Brokers (excluding involvement with Financial Services)

In these litigious times, it is essential to protect your business against negligence whilst providing a professional service to your clients. Many businesses are now required to carry Professional Indemnity insurance under contractual terms, whilst others secure the relevant cover to be better placed with contract tenders.

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest levels of service and expertise and have created a dedicated department to provide specialist advice and assistance.

Policy Benefits

  • Civil Liability Wording (unless specified otherwise)
  • Cover outside the UK available
  • Indemnity Limits from £100,000
  • Excess Layers Available
  • Various Policy Excesses Available
  • "A" Rated Insurer Specialist in Underwriting Professional Indemnity Insurance

To obtain a fast, personalised non obligatory quotation, please complete our ONLINE enquiry form. This will not only provide all of the necessary information required to offer terms, but should negate the need for a proposal form to be completed prior to inception.