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Electrical Contractor Insurance

(Electrical Contractors, Electrical Engineers, Electricians; Cabling, Alarm Installations; Domestic, Industrial and more)

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Electrical Scheme

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About Electrical Contractor Insurance

Specialist to the Electrical Industry, Camberford Law have been arranging bespoke products since 1958 and our Electrical Contracting Scheme offers superb financial security. In addition to this, thanks to our wholesale buying power, we have negotiated some of the most competitive Electrical Contractor rates in the UK.

We understand the needs of contractors and have developed a comprehensive and unique Insurance package to meet their special requirements. Each policy is designed to meet the particular needs of the individual electrician.

In view of our in-depth knowledge of the Industry, we are able to offer advice on all Insurance related matters, including the preparation of Contract Conditions and matters relating to Health & Safety and Risk Management.

Covers are included for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial premises as well as more specialist covers for Alarm works, Financial Losses and Testing and Certification Cover.

Whilst we understand quality of cover and pricing are very important to our clients we believe our biggest and strongest selling point is our customer focused approach to business, always giving you access to a competent and experienced account executive via a direct dial and we promise never to re-direct you to a call centre.

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest levels of service and expertise and have created a dedicated department to provide this specialist advice and assistance.

Outline of Insurances and the Services available

Public/Products Liability
Accidental bodily injury to any customer, third party and/or damage to property arising during the course of the company's business up to a specified limit e.g. caused by electrical installations, use of tools and equipment.

Employers Liability
You are required to effect this cover by law. It protects your legal liability in respect of accidental death, bodily injury or disease to employees arising out of and in course of his or her employment. Insurance is provided for all types of electrical work undertaken and any other supplementary work carried out including building work.

Professional Indemnity
Errors and omissions in connection with advice, design or specification where such is provided or performed separately for a fee or under a separate contract.

Defective Workmanship
This extension provides cover for Legal Liability in relation to costs of rectifying defective work or defective products where such work or products has caused bodily injury to any person other than an employee or damage to third party property.

Financial Loss
Cover for pecuniary loss or expenses sustained by a customer arising from their business activities e.g. cancellation of an event due to faulty wiring installation.

The policy covers your legal responsibility for loss or damage to property arising from the failure of an intruder or fire alarm, CCTV, door entry system or other security equipment to fulfill its intended function e.g. alleged failure of system during theft from customer's premises.

Contractor all Risks
The Contractor is responsible for any loss or damage to the electrical installation prior to completion of the Contract. Cover is provided on an All Risks basis for work in progress, materials in transit, or in temporary storage and at the contract site. In addition, cover can be extended to include loss or damage to your own plant and equipment, or hired-in plant including continuing hire charges.

Property Damage
Our policy provides cover on an All Risks basis including Theft and Accidental Damage for General Contents, Stock, Fixtures and Fittings, Tenants Improvements and Business Interruption. Our policy can also extend to provide cover for Goods in Transit, Computer Equipment, Loss of Money and All Risks anywhere in the UK.

Legal Expenses
This insurance provides commercial legal protection cover to protect your business against the cost of potential legal disputes as well as unlimited access to a free 24 hour/365 day Legal Helpline.


If you would like the information from this page in a printer-friendly format, please download our Electrical Insurance Scheme Brochure. As it is in pdf format, you will need to ensure you have Adobe Reader installed in order to view it.